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Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference for Business Leaders

10x Growth Conference - Grant Cardone
10X Growth Con



The 10X Growth Conference is an Annual Business Networking Event:




The 10X Growth Conference is an annual event for business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone else who seeks to define a better life for themselves and their families.  The attendees of the 10X Growth Conference represent an elite group made up of the thought-leaders, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, and business power players from every industry. 



Anyone. The 10X Growth Conference is an event for everyone. The event is held at different locations around the United State. Previous events have been held in, Miami, Florida and in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you wish to attend a 10X Growth Conference visit:



The simple answer is yes. If you are a business minded individual than it's always recommended that you attend events where you can surround yourself with other business minded entrepreneurs. The 10X event is packed with successful leader that provide valuable knowledge and information Past events have had speakers like, Kevin O'Leary, Glenn Stearns, Russell Brunson, Magic Johnson and John Travolta. in addition to the speakers you also get the opportunity to network with other attendees. This event is an excellent way to network with successful thought leaders and entrepreneurs. It's not just the speakers that are success leaders, the Attendees that purchase the 10X Diamond tickets are all industry leaders as well. The Diamond tickets for these events go for upwards of $20,000 thousand dollars a seat. Its typical to see business Juggernauts like Bradon Dawson, Michael and David Ligon of the Ligon Brothers, Elena Cardone or Grant Cardone himself hanging out with the Diamond ticket holders.



There's a well known saying that goes "Your Network Equals Your Net Worth". This is a very true statement. Every successful person has several things in common and if you want to highly successful you should mirror successful people. So what are the similarities? Here are a few:

1) - Successful people have mentors and routinely pay for knowledge

2) - Successful people insure they gather around other successful people. 

3) - Successful people know the value of time over money.

4) - Successful people are never satisfied.

There are several other traits that highly successful people have in common, however these are the most dominate. Remember you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with. Take a moment and think about that. If you are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most, what does that make you? Essentially you should strive to be around people that are more successful than you so you can gain knowledge and experience and also those that are learning to be successful so you can add value to their lives. The common denominator is that all those people regardless of their experience have one thing in common; a Successful Mindset.

The 10X Growth Conference is just one event out of hundreds where you can gather with other likeminded individuals. If you've never been, I highly recommend that you attend one. However, if 10X isn't for you, you need some kind of success minded event to attend so  you can surround yourself with successful people. ​

There is extreme power in mindset and in order to nurture your mind you need to be around other like minded people.

Learn more about the 10X Growth Conference HERE.


The Ligon Brothers are annual Diamond Ticket Holders

10x Growth Conference #LigonBrothersg

The 10X Growth Conference, Annual Business Event

10x Diamond Seats, Michael and David Ligon

The Ligon Brothers are 10X Diamond Ticket Holders

Ligon Brothers, Red Carpet at 10X Growth Conference

David and Michael Ligon, 10X Growth Conference

Grant Cardone with the Ligon Brothers, Yacht Party in Miami

Ligon Brothers with Grant Cardone, Yacht Party, Miami

Jarrod Glandt and Michael Ligon 10X

Ligon Brothers with Jarrod Glandt, in Las Vegas, NV

David and Mike Ligon, Miami 10X

The Ligon Brothers, 10Xers in Miami, Florida

Brandon Dawson with David Ligon, 10X

David Ligon and Brandon Dawson, Las Vegas, NV 

The Ligon Group Crew at the 10X Growth Con

The Ligon Group Crew at the 10X Growth Conference

Grand Cardone and David Ligon, 10X

Grant Cardone and David Ligon in Las Vegas, NV

David Ligon, 10X Growth Conference, to the moon.

David Ligon "To The Moon" 10X Growth Con, Miami

Jesse Itzler with Michael Ligon, 10X

Michael Ligon with Jesse Itzler at the 10X Growth Con

Michael and David Ligon - Ligon Brothers 10X

Diamond Seats - Ligon Brothers at 10X Growth Con

Elena Cardone with Michael Ligon at 10X

Michael Ligon with Elena Cardone at the 10X Event

10X Growth Conference Miami Florida - Ligon Brothers

The Ligon Brothers - 10x Growth Conference, Miami

David Ligon with Brad Parscale, 10X

Brad Parscale and David Ligon, Las Vegas, NV

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