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The Ligon Brothers Voted in the Top Real Estate Coaches

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"Michael Ligon and his brothers David are collectively known as the Ligon Brothers. The Ligon Brothers are real estate investors, coaches and authors. As Real Estate Coaches They developed LYNK Real Estate System™ and The MLS Digital Flipping Method™ each being a unique system for real estate investing. They are also the authors of LYNK Wholesaling; the Real Estate Connector Method and Wolf Secrets, a guide to mastering negotiations. With a modest 10 thousand instagram followers, the Ligons come in fourth on this list for social media followers."......

The Ligon Brothers Join Forbes Business Council

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"We are honored to welcome Michael Ligon into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Business Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”


The Ligon Brothers Join Entrepreneur as Expert Advisors

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"Together they created several unique methods of investing in real estate as well as an online learning center in which to teach their programs. They are also published authors, speakers and have recently been voted one of the top four entrepreneurs to follow in 2021, succeeded only by industry juggernauts, Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and Jesse Itzler. The Ligon Brothers have over fifteen years of real estate investing experience and with their expert leadership and mentoring programs; they’ve helped newcomers all over the Nation fulfill their dreams of becoming real estate investors"......


The Ligon Brothers are changing the game of real estate.


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"In the spring of 2020 the world was plagued by a global pandemic. Many Companies had to lock down and find new and creative ways to conduct business. This was no different for the field of real estate investing.....

They used the new method of real estate investing that they created called LYNK Wholesaling....

This system is one of the only ways to begin a real estate investing career with no experience and zero out of pocket expenses. Since you are LYNK’ing the deal between two other parties, you are not closing or funding the transaction. You get paid for making the LYNK."......

Ligon Brothers, Forbes Real Estate

The Ligon Brothers, the wealth creation specialists...


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"The Ligon Brothers, Mike, and David Ligon are one of the most successful gurus in the world of real estate investing. They own a profitable real estate investment firm in South Florida. Moreover, they have given 15 years of their lives to real estate investing.


The contributions of the Ligon Brothers to the real estate market are immense. They are the #1 coaches for real estate investing and wealth creation through real estate investing practices."......

Ligon Brothers - Successful Real Estate Investors

Ligon Brothers, two Successful Real Estate Investors,...


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"Michael and David Ligon, popular as the Ligon Brothers, are enjoying great popularity in the real estate world. They are running one of the successful real estate investment firms and also providing coaching to new investors to help them set their feet in the real estate sector. Over the last 15 years in real estate, Ligon Brothers have earned millions of dollars and they are running one of South Florida’s most profitable real estate investment firms."......

The Ligon Bros, How to Boost Your Business

How to Boost Real Estate Business in Slow Market.


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"Real estate is a dynamic industry with its notorious cycle of ups and downs. It is often unpredictable, even by the tycoons of the market. And when the market gets slow, whether it’s because of a traditionally slow season or due to a recession, it is important to protect your real estate business.

The question is, what are the most effective strategies to go about making that money? I had an opportunity to discuss market strategies with the infamous Ligon Brothers"......

The Ligon Brothers, Michael and David Ligon Give advice on real estate networking

Advice on Networking with other Professionals,...

David Ligon and Michael Ligon give some advice on creating a real estate business

Advice on Building Your Real Estate Business...

Michael and David Ligon of the Ligon Brothers talk about the importance of making offers

Make Offers Daily, Consistency is the Key

The Ligon Brothers, Michael and David Ligon tell students to buils a buyers list.

You Need to Build a Massive Buyers List

Michael Ligon and David Ligon give a quote about Ambition
The Ligon Brothers, Michael Ligon and David Ligon talk about Success Quote
Leadership is Important says the Ligon Brothers. Micael Ligon and David Ligon
The Ligon Brothers, Always Stray Excited Quote
Michael and David Ligon aka the Ligon Brothers tell the Secret to get ahead in life
He who has never fell has never climbed, Michael and David Ligon.
David Ligon, speaks about going through tough times.
Michael Ligon says be so good they can't ignore you.
The Ligon Brothers teach that you need to Do What Others Won't
4 Top Coaches to Follow - Ligon Brothers

The Ligon Brothers Voted Best Real Estate Coaches in 2021


The Ligon Brothers made the list of Best Real Estate Coaches in 2021 by Influencive Magazine. They're featured with media mogul Grant Cardone, Instagram Influencer Tai Lopez and life coach Jesse Itzler. 

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LYNK Wholesaling System...


The Real Estate Connector Method a unique method to Invest in Real Estate with nothing but a Laptop, Cell Phone and Internet connection.

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The Ligon U distance learning center for real estate investing. Find out how you can join their digital learning center.



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