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Ligon Brothers Wholesaling Division


Are You Looking for a Great Source for Cheap, Discounted, Wholesale Houses and Properties?

Look No Further, The Ligon Group has an Endless Inventory of Investor Style Properties for You to Choose From.

Simply Join Our Cash Buyers List Today for an Endless Source or Deals Sent Straight to Your Email.

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Join Our Buyers List for an Endless Inventory of Deals.

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Join Our Buyers List for an Endless Inventory of Deals.

Map of Tennessee Cash Home Buyers

Shelby County


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We have Wholesale Deals in Shelby County, TN, Desoto County, MS & Surrounding Areas. Join Now

Desoto County



Harris County & Surrounding Areas

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We have Wholesale Deals in Harris County, Texas and Surrounding Areas. Join Now


The Ligon Group Buys hundreds of properties each year. We have in house contractors and tradesmen that work on all our remodels and Fix-n-flips. Because of the sheer value of deals our crews stay business all year round. In order to insure we have adequate properties for our buy & hold and rehabs needs we've created a massive deal engine. This insures our pipeline is full with Investor style deals to feed our Real Estate machine. By design this also causes an overflow in Investor style, discounted inventory that we must sell off.

In addition to Fix-N-Flip houses, our acquisition department acquires Rental Properties, Patch & Paint Properties, Vacant land, Multi-Family Homes, etc...

With over 20 years of Real Estate transactions, partnerships, ventures and networking we developed a massive property generating machine. 

Join Our Buyers list today to be part of this endless source of Discounted Investor style Inventory to fulfill your Real Estate Needs.


Currently The Ligon Group is Selling Discounted Wholesale Properties in the Following Areas:

Note: If you are looking to buy a home in a different location, please contact our office and we will be happy to review your criteria and see if we can accommodate your buying needs.

  • Shelby County & Surrounding Areas

  • Tipton County & Surrounding Areas

  • Desoto County & Surrounding Areas

  • Hernando County & Surrounding Areas

  • Dallas / Fort Worth & Surrounding Areas

  • Houston & Surrounding Areas

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What are Wholesale Properties?...


Wholesale Properties also known as Wholesale Discounted Homes and Cheap Wholesale Deals, are properties that available for purchase from a Wholesaler. These properties are usually sold at a discounted rate to real estate investors and all cash home buyers. The Ligon Group Wholesale division specializes in deep discounts on all our wholesale inventory. If you are looking for good deals with big discounts, look no further and join our cash buyers list today. 

How Do We Have Such a Huge Inventory of Deals?...


The Ligon Group is a large multi-conglomerate Real Estate Investing Firm with multiple investment divisions. To insure that we maintain a scaling investment portfolio we must continuously purchase new properties. This means that we have numerous marketing and advertising campaigns working around the clock to provide us with enormous amounts of investment properties. With such a massive deal machine we have huge investment property surplus, which we supply to our Investors and Cash Buyers. Each deal is already deeply discounted and available via email daily . Join Our Buyers List Today to start receiving deals as early as tomorrow. 

How Do I Start Receiving Properties?...


The easiest way to begin receiving discounted wholesale properties is to fill out the form on our page. Simply provide us with your name and email address and you will be added to our Cash Buyers list. Once you are in our System you will begin receiving wholesale properties in the area your requested via email, with new properties sent on a daily basis. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.

I'm a Cash Buyer and I've Never Bought a Wholesale Deal Before, Can You Walk Me Through The Process?...


Absolutely. Each week we encounter a newcomer to wholesale purchases. We've created a simple breakdown to assist you in understanding how simple the whole process is. 

1) - You Join Our Buyers List and begin receiving properties.

2) - You see a property that you like and you contact us about said property

3) - (optional) We set up access for you to review the property - ***some buyers purchase properties sight unseen by simply reviewing the photos or walkthrough videos of the property 

4) - We supply you with a standard purchase agreement to buy the house

5) - All executed documentation is sent to the Title Company and Closing Agent for the purchase.

6) - We Close the Transaction.


That's it. It's really that simple. 

If you have any questions, please contact our office:

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