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The Ligon Group is a family Firm, owned and operated by Michael & David Ligon. 

About the Ligon Group of Companies
The Ligon Group and Ligon Brothers


The Ligon Group is a full service Real Estate Investing Firm. We specialize in the following categories:


The Ligon Brothers created LigonAI an Artificial Intelligence System for Real Estate investing:

  • (L.I.S.A.) is an acronym for Ligon Intelligence Systems AI model version 3.4. Ligon AI’s L.I.S.A. is capable of creating complex systems to aid the research, acquisitions and dispositions of real estate investments.


Welcome to The Ligon Group, a full-service Real Estate Investing Firm that specializes in a wide range of real estate categories. With our expertise and experience, we offer a comprehensive set of services to help investors achieve their goals in the real estate market.

Our areas of specialization include:

Real Estate Acquisitions (Residential & Commercial): We assist clients in acquiring both residential and commercial properties, providing expert guidance throughout the buying process.

Real Estate Investment Wholesaling: Our Wholesale Division offers a vast inventory of discounted properties, providing excellent opportunities for investors looking for affordable deals.

Buy & Hold and Rental Property Acquisitions: We help investors identify and acquire properties for long-term investment and rental purposes, maximizing their returns and building a profitable portfolio.

Fix-N-Flip, Rehab & Remodeling Projects: We provide support for investors interested in rehabilitating and renovating properties to increase their market value, ensuring a successful flip and higher profits.

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Services: As a licensed brokerage, we offer professional real estate services, including listing and selling properties, representing buyers and sellers, and facilitating transactions.

Real Estate Financial Services (STABBL): We provide specialized financial services, including comprehensive analysis and strategic planning to optimize real estate investments and ensure stability and growth.

Real Estate Development Projects: We undertake real estate development projects, collaborating with investors to transform properties and unlock their full potential, creating value in the process.

Real Estate Investment Mentoring and Coaching: Our team of award-winning Real Estate Coaches offers mentoring and coaching services, sharing their expertise and strategies to help investors achieve success in their real estate ventures.

Ligon AI: We have developed LigonAI, an Artificial Intelligence system specifically designed for Real Estate investing. LigonAI's L.I.S.A. (Ligon Intelligence Systems AI model version 3.4) assists in research, acquisitions, and dispositions of real estate investments, providing advanced insights and complex systems to support investment decisions.

Ligon U (online digital training center): Ligon U is our online distance learning center for real estate investors. We offer various programs and training materials accessible 24/7, designed to empower investors at every level and accelerate their path to success in real estate investing.

Ligon Wholesale: Our Wholesale Division offers a wide range of discounted wholesale properties. Join our cash buyers list to receive daily updates and access to the largest inventory of discounted properties.

Ligon Cash Buyers: We specialize in buying residential investment properties in Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, and parts of Texas. Whether you have a property in any condition or situation, we can provide a fast cash sale to meet your needs.

At The Ligon Group, we are committed to providing exceptional services, innovative solutions, and valuable resources to real estate investors. With our expertise and extensive network, we aim to help you achieve your investment goals and create long-term wealth. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in your real estate journey.

Ligon AI - Learn More About the Ligon Brothers AI



The Future of Real Estate Investing is NOW. Learn More about the Ligon Group's Ligon AI Division Today

LYNK Wholesaling Book - Learn to Invest



Want to learn how to Invest in Real Estate or become a Master Negotiator? Need to Build a Cash Buyers List? Pick up one of our How-to Books Toda

Ligon U, Investor Training Center



Real Estate Investor Training made simple. The Ligon Brothers have created the only online distance learning system for Investors of all levels. Visit for more info.

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