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Fully Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Ligon Key - Real Estate Professionals



Ligon Key & Associates is a Fully Licensed Brokerage Firm.

Our Team of Qualified Professionals can assist you with any and all Real Estate Related Matters.

Thinking of buying real estate or selling your home? Ligon, Key & Associates is the right choice. As a real estate professionals, Ligon, Key is synonymous with honesty, integrity, and hard work. We provides friendly, personalized service.


Let Ligon Key & Associates handle your next real estate transaction.

No matter how big or how small, we can handle it all.

Our Real Estate Firm is different then your typical Real Estate Agent's Company. Our Firm is housed with Real Estate Moguls and Masterminds with experienced that is unmatched.

No other Real Estate Firm can offer the Apex Services we can provide. We're not just Real Estate Agents and Brokers, we're Qualified Real Estate Acquisition & Sales Professionals, Developers, Investors and Real Estate Entrepreneurs. 

Contact us today.


LK&A Provides a wide range of Real Estate services:

Residential Real Estate Services



Ligon, Key & Associates Residential Real Estate Services Include:

  • Find & Buy Services

  • List & Sell Services

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Consulting Services

  • Flat Fee Listings 

Commercial Real Estate Services



Ligon, Key & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services Include:

  • Office Space

  • Office Warehouses

  • Commercial Sales

  • Commercial Leasing

  • Management Services

  • Retail Shopping Centers

Investment Real Estate Services



Ligon, Key & Associates Real Estate Investment Services Include:

  • Finding Investment Properties

  • Selling Investment Properties

  • Making the Best Investment

  • Networking with Investors

  • Investment Strategies 


We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm feel by treating each client with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of Real Estate professionals qualified to successfully resolve any Real Estate related matter. If you have a Real Estate related problem our experts can help you!

Ben Key - Ligon Key & Assoc


Real Estate Broker, Consultant




Ben Key is a renowned industry leader known for his expertise in revitalizing underperforming properties. With 18 years of experience in commercial real estate, he has successfully transformed non-producing properties into lucrative assets, whether through leasing or sales. Ben excels at fostering strong tenant relationships, negotiating new leases, and effectively managing tenants while ensuring financial prudence. What sets Ben apart is his preference for working with individual property owners rather than large corporate holding companies. This allows him to adopt a personalized and tailored approach that caters to the unique needs of each owner and property. His commitment to delivering customized solutions sets him apart in the industry.

Ben's journey began with his graduation from Texas State University in 1996, followed by swiftly obtaining his real estate license in 1999 and subsequently his broker's license in 2002. This rapid progression demonstrates his dedication to his profession and acquiring the necessary expertise to excel in the field.

With Ben Key's extensive experience, hands-on approach, and commitment to delivering results, he is the go-to expert for transforming mismanaged properties into profitable ventures.

Favorite Quote: If one does not discipline themselves then someone else (or something else) will. ~John Wooden

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Michael Ligon, Real Estate Investor - Ligon Key


Real Estate Investor, Consultant & Mentor




Michael Ligon is a Seasoned Real Estate Investor, Stock Trader and Mentor.

Michael is an Inquisitive Polymath, known for his wide-ranging knowledge and insatiable curiosity. In the realm of Real Estate, he has become a recognized expert, earning accolades for his mentorship and wisdom in Investing, Real Estate Contract Law, Negotiations, and various Real Estate Practices. In addition to his Real Estate expertise, Michael has an impressive academic background. He has achieved academic milestones in Geomatic and Geospatial Engineering, Land Development Principles, Land Surveying and Mapping, Clinical Psychology, Human Behavioral Studies, and the Fundamentals of Human Biology with a focus on the Endocrine System. Michael's diverse skill set extends beyond Real Estate and academia. He is also a Holistic Nutritionist/Herbalist and a Certified Wellness Consultant. This holistic approach allows him to understand the interconnectedness of various aspects of life and well-being. With his multifaceted expertise and passion for continuous learning, Michael offers comprehensive support to individuals seeking guidance and insight. His breadth of knowledge and genuine dedication make him a valuable resource in navigating various domains. In summary, Michael is an exceptional Inquisitive Polymath who excels in Real Estate and possesses a broad understanding of diverse fields. His extensive expertise, coupled with his holistic approach to well-being, enables him to provide comprehensive support and guidance to those seeking his wisdom.

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David Ligon, Mr. Real Estate - Ligon Key



David Ligon is a highly experienced Real Estate Investor, Stock Trader, and Mentor who is widely recognized as "Mr. Real Estate." With a lifelong passion for Real Estate Investing, David has amassed extensive knowledge in all aspects of the field and is renowned for his expertise in Investment Purchasing Strategies. His professionalism and unparalleled wisdom make him a seasoned professional, excelling in every transaction he undertakes. David's remarkable achievements in Real Estate Investing have earned him numerous accolades within the Investment Community. His wealth of experience and expertise ensure that transactions he is involved in proceed smoothly and without any issues. Beyond his real estate pursuits, David is a gifted musician, skilled in playing the guitar, singing, and songwriting. During his early years, he had the privilege of performing at various local venues, including the historic Tobacco Road in downtown Miami.

David Ligon's multifaceted talents and exceptional expertise in Real Estate Investing, coupled with his passion for music, define him as an extraordinary individual with a deep commitment to excellence in all aspects of his life.



Real Estate Investor, Consultant & Mentor


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