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Increase Your Conversions With Proven Formulas 🧪
for Higher Engagement & Ignite 🔥 Your Sales Process!

Copy/Paste Proven Layouts & Sales Formulas

You Can Use With Your Existing Website or Funnel Software

Hotspot Page Formulas - Graphic

Want to Know More?

Watch The Quick Video for More Information About Blaze Patterns

There are Infinite Ways to Arrange Your Hotspots to Create Awesome Blaze Patterns


(Ad Formulas)

Fuses and Ad Formulas

Craft The Perfect Online Ad to Increase Engagement Using Our Battle Tested Proven "Fuse" Formulas


(Page Formulas)

Hotspot Page Formulas

Structure Your Webpages and Optimize Your Customers Interactions With Our Hotspot Page Formulas 

Blaze Patters


Indoctrination Series

Use Our Proven Hotspot Formulas to Craft Awesome Blaze Patterns to Maximize your Conversions

What Are Blaze Patterns?

Blaze Patterns Are Comprised of "Hotspots" each Hotspot is a Normal Webpage That Follows a Proven Formula for Higher Engagement & Conversions.

These Formulas Will Turn Each Page of Your Website Into It's Very Own Hotspot. Then You Simple Arrange These Proven Hotspots to Craft Your Very Own High Converting Blaze Pattern

Best Of All These Hotspot Formulas Can Be Used in Any Website, Design Platform or Funnel Builder.

No Need for Complicated New Software.

You Already Have a Website, 
Optimize It Now With a Blaze Pattern and Increase Your Conversions Today.

Email Marketing - Conversion
Indoctrination Series
Hotspot Page Formulas - Graphic
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