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Cash Buyers; Create an Anti-SPAM Filter

Never Miss an Awesome Email from The Ligon Brothers

Unfortunately sometimes our Awesome Wholesale Deals are Flagged as SPAM.

In order to ensure you NEVER miss a great Deal, please follow the instructions below:


Here's how to prevent our emails from ever going to SPAM.

1. Log into your Gmail account and click the gear icon at the top right.

2. Click the See all settings button.

Step 1.png

3. Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

4. Click the Create a new filter link.

Step 2.png

4. Set From to

5. Click the Create filter button.

Step 2.png

6. Select “Never send it to Spam” and Also apply filter to matching conversations.

7. Click the Create filter button to complete the setup.

Step 2.png

This filter should send all emails coming from to your Inbox and never to your Spam folder.

If you have any issues or need some help, please feel free to contact us: 

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