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The Ligon Brothers are Real Estate Specialists, Mentors and Coaches, learn from the Best in the Business.


The Ligon Brothers have taken their extensive Experience in Real Estate Investing and created the Only Digital Online Training Center for Real Estate Investing.

Ligon U, Online Training School

Have you ever wanted to quit your dead end 9 to 5 job and become a Real Estate Investor?

Most people would love to be able to start over with a lucrative career in Real Estate, but where do you start?

That's why Ligon U was created. The Ligon Brothers wanted to create the only online digital distance learning center for Real Estate Investing practices.

Now you can learn how to Invest in Real Estate from anywhere and on your own time.


As described in Wikipedia:

Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit. Improvement of realty property as part of a real estate investment strategy is generally considered to be a sub-specialty of real estate investing called real estate development. Real estate is an asset form with limited liquidity relative to other investments, it is also capital intensive (although capital may be gained through mortgage leverage) and is highly cash flow dependent. If these factors are not well understood and managed by the investor, real estate becomes a risky investment. 


There are several different types of Real Estate Investors and multiple ways to invest in Real Estate.

Here are a few of the most common.


LYNK Wholesaling also known as LYNK Flipping is the easiest way to begin a career in Real Estate Investing. 

With LYNK Flipping you can learn how to Invest in Real Estate without having any liability in the transactions. This is huge for someone just starting out. It essential means that you cannot screw up, or fail and for anyone starting out the fear of failing can hold them back.

In addition to holding no liability in the deal, you can also begin LYNK Flipping without needing to spend any money to acquire the deal.

LYNK Flipping is the only way to start Investing without Any out using any money to get the deal.

It is truly a No Money, No Credit, No Experience way to begin Investing In Real Estate.

LYNK Flipping allows you to plug into existing profitable framework and make money flipping other peoples deals.

This allows a new Investor to see and be part of the whole transaction and learn the ropes while making money on each deal they are a part of.

To learn more about LYNK Flipping aka Wholesaling using the Real Estate Connector Method

Pick up a copy of the Ligon Brothers Book Today.


Wholesaling Real Estate is art of Flipping a Property without closing on the property. When an Investor Wholesales a property they essentially tie up an Agreement and/or Contract for the purchase of that property and then before the closing date, they sell the property to another interested party.

This allows them to flip multiple properties without ever funding a single purchase. The Wholesaler will transfer the contractual interest of the property via an assignment of contract. An assignment of contract is the most common way to Wholesale a property, however it is not the only way to wholesale.

Wholesaling Real Estate is the most common practice for an individual that's beginning a career as an Investor.

A simple internet search will reveal Wholesaling as the "No Money, No Credit, No Experience" way to Invest in Real Estate.

This is only a half truth. Yes, Wholesaling is "an" entry point to begin your career in Investing, however it is not the best entry point.

Wholesaling Real Estate is Not Free as most people believe. Once you have your first contract tied up you quickly realize that you are required to provide an "Escrow Deposit" for every offer you make. If said offer is expected, you are required to provide that escrow as "promise of contract" upon execution of the Agreement. 

Escrow deposits can range anywhere from $500. $2,000, $5,000 up to $10,000, $15,000 or even a percentage of the Purchase Agreement (20%, 30%, etc...)

You must have this money liquid and be able to provide a wire or check to accompany your Agreement within the allotted timeframe once the Contract is fully executed.

Most Gugu's that teach people how to Wholesale, never explain this process.

In addition to the aforementioned escrow money, they're are other expenses that a New Wholesaler will also incur.  

Before you can send an offer on a property you must find a Seller that's willing to entertain an offer to sell.

Where do you find a motivated seller? Well, this is a whole other expense. In most cases you'll need some form of advertising in order to find properties to offer on and Sellers to negotiate with. Bandit Signs, Bench Ads, Direct mailers, Internet Marketing, All of which cost money.

If you would like to begin your career as a Real Estate Investor, I would recommend that you begin with LYNK Flipping and work your way to Wholesaling, Fix-N-Flips, etc.


Fix-N-Flip Investing also known as Rehabbing and House Flipping is when an Investor purchases a home, remodels the home and resells the home for a profit.

If you are new to Investing we do not recommend that you start your career as a Rehabber. Even if you have the funds to purchase homes and remodel them, if you have no Investment experience, you can fail it can be a very, very costly venture.

A Seasoned Investor will search out good deals for rehab, not just any house will make the cut. You need to search for houses that have deep discounts from the current market values.  A good Rehabber, must be able to purchase the home at a cost that allows them to invest money back into it for the remodel all without going over the areas market value for resale.

If you spend to much money on a house, then remodel it you'll need to not only recoup the original sale price, but also your remodeling costs and anything over your cash outlay will be your profit. So if you pay too much, in the end you can loose your shirt on a bad investment.

A large number of Fix-N-Flip Investors will purchase homes from Wholesalers, this is why Wholesaling is such an essential part of Real Estate Investing.

Rehabbers, also have large marketing arms to their business. Once you've been rehabbing for a while, it is essential to insure that you always have inventory available to flip.  Some of the most common marketing strategies are: Bandit Signs, Bench Ads, Direct mailers, Internet Marketing, Facebook Marketing & We Buy Houses campaigns.

Being a Rehabber can be a very lucrative form of Real Estate Investing.


Buy & Hold Investing also known as Landlords and Property management Investing is the level most Investors want to achieve.

Once you've amassed enough wealth through Investing the goal is to purchase and hold your Inventory.

With a Buy and Hold properties you'll have rentals and leases that will cash flow into your business.

Having a portfolio or rental properties gives an Investor a business that will essentially make them money for ever. 

With most of the other categories of Investing and other Investment strategies, the Investor must be involved in order to make a profit. With rental units, an investors involvement is not required in order to continuously profit. 

You Cash Flow and make money every month on your one investment. Every good Investors knows that is your activity is contingent on your income, eventually you will not be able to maintain that income. This is why 9 to 5 jobs eventually leave you broke. You've able to live on your working wage until you can no longer preform the activity that generates your paycheck. Once your ability to preform that action diminishes, so does your wage.  This is reason that 90% of the work force ends up on Social Security. 

As an Investor your Goal is to make money while you sleep and with Rentals you have Cash Flow every Month.

Then it's just a matter of how many doors you own. 

A Buy & Hold Investor will attempt to purchase an many doors as possible to insure a massive cash flow not just for their current income, but also for their Families legacy. 


There are several other forms of Real Estate Investing as well as specific categories that some Investors specialize in, however these are the most common.

For more Information on Real Estate Investing and Investment practices, please contact our office.

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