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Michael Ligon, The Fixer, Real Estate Investor

About Michael Ligon

Michael Ligon, an award-winning business coach, real estate investor, stock trader, published author,  celebrated member of the Forbes Business Council and Expert Contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, is widely recognized for his multifaceted expertise. Referred to as "The Fixer," Michael excels at uncovering and resolving issues faced by struggling businesses.


With a sophophilic personality and an insatiable appetite for knowledge, he has become a renowned pundit in real estate, business coaching, and various other disciplines. Michael's mentorships and wisdom in investing, business building, negotiations, and real estate practices have garnered him numerous accolades.


Beyond real estate, he holds academic achievements in diverse fields, including Geomatic and Geospatial Engineering, Land Development Principles, Land Surveying and Mapping, Clinical Psychology and Human Behavioral Studies, and Human Biology.


As a Holistic Nutritionist/Herbalist and Certified Wellness Consultant, he also emphasizes holistic well-being. In his personal life, Michael is a dedicated practitioner and instructor of Filipino Martial Arts, specializing in Kali/Arnis/Escrima, adding further depth to his versatile skill set.

Michael Ligon, Stock Trader
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