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Develop, Scale and Grow Your Business Ideas.


The Ligon Group's business consulting services can help you adapt to today’s ever changing market dynamics and allow you to not only compete with your competitors but scale beyond your highest expectations.

We provide you with the tools to enable optimal work performance minimizing or preventing disruption in your operations while you learn to scale and grow.


Start-Up, Development & Launch

  • Idea Development Services

  • Business Development Services 

  • Brand Development & Creation Services

  • Logo & Branding Design Services

  • Finances & Budget Services

  • Business Plan Services

Optimizing Active Businesses

  • Business Management Services

  • Finances & Budget Services

  • Executions & Operation Services

  • Business Scaling & Growth Programs

  • Process Improvements Services

  • Competitive Analysis Services

Growth & Scaling Programs

  • Finances & Budget Services

  • Executions & Operation Services

  • Business Scaling & Growth Programs

  • Media Presence Services

  • Sales & Marketing Programs

  • Fundraising Services


How do I even get started building a Business?

Does that question sound familiar? If it does you're not alone. The number one reason individuals never create a start-up business or even try to venture out on their own is the fear of not knowing what to do, or how to do it.

If you really want to be successful in your Business ventures you need help. You should always seek out a Mentor to assist you with building your business or brand.

Sure you could always attempt to go at it alone with the help of YouTube university. However, you're only going to get so far with Free Online tips and tricks. Eventually you need to find an Experienced team to assist you in reaching your potential.

Finding a Coach, Advisor or Mentor doesn't mean that you are not capable of figuring it all out on your own. The question isn't whether you can figure it out, because you can. The question is how much time do you have to waste on trying to figure it all out, and how much money can you afford to spend on the learning process and how many failures can you endure.

When you make the choice to find an Advisor, you're not just getting help, your getting experience. A Mentor can fast track your Success curve years into the future.

With their help you'll coast right by all the Failures that they already dealt with, all the questions that they already figured out and all the wasted money that they already spent.

Once you hire a Consulting Firm, with a Team of Professionals, Mentors, and Advisors, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

It's the fastest way to Achieve your Life Goals.


Already have a Business or Brand but you feel like it's not loving up to it's full potential?

We can help you take your Business, Brand or Idea to the Next Level. We'll assist you in making strategic decisions insuring that you you don't waste time or money. We'll provide you with Market research and analysis to give you insight into your competitors allowing you to gain an edge on the competition. Our Team will insure that your current Business Model is Maximizing it's Profit Potential, by helping reduce unneeded expenses while increasing revenue and cash flow.

Our Consulting Services are Individually Tailored to insure your specific needs are met and exceeded. 


Ready to take your Business, Brand or Idea to levels you never thought possible?

With our 1on1 Mentoring and Advisory programs we'll provide you with Proactive Strategies that with guide you and help Influence your Business decisions. Allowing you to predict and forecast Successful and Profitable resolutions advancing you beyond your competition.  

Our Goal is to provide you with a streamline process and policies that fuse directly into your business model that will deliver consistent, repeatable and sustainable results. 

Let us help you reach a level of Success you never dreamed of.


Learn to Invest in Real Estate


The Ligon Brothers created an online Real Estate Investment Training Center to allow everyone an opportunity to change their lives and find financial freedom through Real Estate Investing.

Learn More about our LigonU programs.


Sell Your House Fast


Ligon Investment Group, buy houses in the following areas; All of Florida, West Tennessee (Shelby County) North Mississippi (Desoto County) and Parts of Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth Areas)

Learn More about our home buying programs.


Find a Great Discounted Property


The Ligon Group has an endless inventory of cheap, discounted wholesale properties ready to be purchased. With hundreds of real estate acquisitions each year, there's always great properties to choose from.

Learn More about our Joining our Buyer List



LYNK Wholesaling System...


The Real Estate Connector Method a unique method to Invest in Real Estate with nothing but a Laptop, Cell Phone and Internet connection.

The Ligon Brothers, Cash Investors

Blank Check Buying Program..

The Ligon Brothers have changed the way homeowners and sellers sell their houses.. The Blank Check Buying Program puts You in control. .We Pay What You Want!

Ligon Brothers, Real Estate Dudes

The Ligon Brothers...


The Secret to how two normal everyday brothers, became Real Estate Moguls. Find out how you can join their digital learning center.



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