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Back in the Studio

Social Media, Zoom, Online Real Estate Masterminds, Everything has gone Digital. It's time to brake out the video cameras and join the digital age...

So where do the Newbies need to focus their attention?

The Ligon Brothers in the Studio
The Ligon Brothers are back in the Studio

Real Estate investing can be very competitive, as the real estate market fluctuates so does the available inventory. Every level investor essentially fights for the same properties, although they purchase them for many different reasons. There are several types of Investors; Wholesalers Investors, Fix-N-Flip Investors, and their needs are all different.

What they all have in common is that they need inventory.

Technology has changed the game.

Your Business Needs Attention! In the Digital Age, Every Business Needs to be to Increase Their Exposure. It's No Longer an Option, It's a Necessity.

As technology advances, the need for a digital footprint for your business grows and Real Estate Investment Firms are no different.

Online Presence

Nowadays almost every Company has a website or at least a single splash page, but is that enough? Just because you've got a website doesn't mean anyone can see it. The truth is; in this digital age, a single drop isn't enough in the sea of online competitors.

Social Media

The Web, is exactly that, a web; and the more links you have the larger your web is. The Larger your Web is the more Exposure you have.

So, how do you grow your Web and Internet presence. Content.

The internet has evolved, it's no longer just about personal or business websites and dot coms. Social Media is quickly becoming King. Social sites have dethroned web pages. If you want to be seen you have to have presence on Social Media sites and that means you must create Content.

Content Creation

There are levels of content creation, if you don't have a team of people handling your social media, then you're probably going to have to start with a very basic post schedule. The key to Social Media posting is consistency.

Where to Start.

Create a Profile on every major Social Media site. A the time of this post, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok rain supreme.

Once you have your profiles setup, you need to set up a simple yet consistent posting schedule. If you're not comfortable with Videos, just stick to simple Image posts. In the beginning consistency is more important than messaging. As you grow your following you can fine tune your messages and begin organizing your posts.

Just Start Posting!

Keep an eye out for our next blog where we detail exactly how to grow your Social Media accounts.


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