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LigonU is a Digital Training Center for Real Estate Investing

LigonU Online Real Estate School

LigonU provides Expert Coaching through a collection of Programs & Courses for Real Estate Investing Developed by The Ligon Brothers. Their unique curriculum is the most extensive Investment training material on the web today. With over a decade of real-world Real Estate Investment experience, Mike & David Ligon provide dynamic Real Estate training tools and online video courses for any level Investor.


LigonU has a collection of Apex Training Programs and Materials for Real Estate Investor Training. 


Enroll in one of our Real Estate Courses and begin your journey towards Financial Freedom. Don't procrastinate, make an Investment in your future today!


Implement the Knowledge that you'll learned from our course material into your business, your life and your everyday interactions. Use those tactics daily and become an Expert.


Advance your business with everything you've learned. Watch as your profits skyrocket with every new tactic and every new piece of information. Knowledge is Power!

LigonU - Investor Trainging Programs by the Ligon Brothers. Michael and David Ligon.

Learn How to Invest in Real Estate from Anywhere at Anytime


lLigonU was created by the Ligon Brothers originally as a way to train their in-house staff members. The site was first developed with the purpose of training their employees and new staff members in the art of Real Estate Investing. The material was so detailed and robust that several employees asked to continue the training on their downtime to help them gain knowledge in Real Estate Investing practices and procedures. Several employees went on to begin doing deals on their own with as a side hustle, that quickly turned into a full time job working for themselves. Once The Ligon Brothers realized how well the material was created they decided to open it up to the public.

They began workshops and 1on1 training seminars with the focus on fine tuning the Course material to be placed on a fully digital platform. They then took all of there students from their seminars and Investment association meeting and upgraded them to the 1st version of what is now Ligon U.

LigonU is one of the only fully digital online distance learning centers for Real Estate Professionals and Investors. There are a few other "gurus" in the Investment world that attempt to teach people how to invest, but nothing can match the proven programs and course material that the Ligon Brothers have created for the Real Estate community. No matter what level investor you are, LigonU has a program or course to help you succeed.

LigonU has several popular courses for Real Estate Investors. Here are two of their flagship courses per experience level.

If you have absolutely no experience in Investing and you have no capital to use to buy investment properties we recommend this course:

If you have some experience with Investing and you need a new & better way to acquire profitable Investment properties. We recommend this course:

If you are looking for material on how to make money in Real Estate, look no further. Simply visit and enroll in one of there superior Training programs and you  will be on your way to Financial Freedom in no time.

For additional questions about Course work or Training Materials please contact our office.

Always Remember.....​

Your Future is Created by What You do Today, Not Tomorrow!

What is Real Estate Wholesaling?...


Wholesaling Real Estate is the act of flipping an investment property without actually purchasing the investment property. Here is how the process works, first the wholesaler will attempt to find a motivated seller that needs to sell their house fast. Once they've found a homeowner that need to sell their house, they will provide the home owner with a purchase agreement to buy the house. The purchase agreement will have and inspection period clause in the agreement which allows the wholesaler a particular amount of time before they are contractual obligated to move forward with the closing of the home and actually purchase it. During this time the Wholesaler will try and find and actual buyer for the deal. They will look for a cash buyer that can purchase the property super fast and flip the contract to that buyer. Once they find a buyer they negotiate a purchase price slightly higher than the one they have with the originating seller and then provide the end buyer with an agreement to buy the house. When this is all done correctly, the wholesaler will make a profit from acting as the middleman in the transaction. 

How do I become a Real Estate Wholesaler or Wholesaler Investor?...


The easiest way to become a real estate wholesaler, or wholesale investor is to start by learning what wholesaler actually do. A lot of internet gurus and social media groups will provide all kinds of advice on how to wholesale your first deal, however most of these individuals have never done a deal before. You need to be careful who you take advice from. For instance; the Ligon Brothers are expert real estate investors, trusted by major business publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine to provide insight and advice to millions of their avid readers. That's the kind of Mentor you need to look for to teach you how to property wholesale a real estate transaction.  

What is LYNK Wholesaling?...


LYNK Wholesaling is a method developed by the Ligon Brothers as a way for anyone to get started investing in real estate. With traditional wholesaling, a wholesaler needs to have capital available for various items during the wholesaling process. Things like escrow deposits, marketing and advertising for potential sellers. However, with LYNK Wholesaling, you do not need any capital to begin flipping wholesale deals. This system allows you to plug-into existing successful framework and begin wholesaling without any money or any experience. LYNK Wholesaling is often referred to as the Amazon of Real Estate Investing. When Amazon first began as a company, they didn't have any of their own inventory. They used other peoples inventory and connected it to buyers. They acted as the link in the transaction. This is very similar to LYNK Wholesaling. In the beginning as a LYNK Wholesaler you don't have any of your won inventory so you act as the link between those that do and the end buyers. By doing this you get to make a profit for bringing the deal together. To Learn more about LYNK Wholesaling Click Here.

What is the Digital Flipping Method or Flip the MLS?...


The Digital Flipping Method also known as Flip the MLS is a method for wholesaling real estate developed by the Ligon Brothers, Michael and David Ligon. With this method, you learnt to use properties that are already listed for sale as an endless source on inventory for your wholesale deals. One of the hardest things about wholesaling is finding motivated sellers for your deals. There's nothing more motivated than a seller that's already trying to sell their house, so the Ligon Brothers created a system to tap into the listed market for an endless source of deals. The system teaches you how to deal with real estate agents, how to read and understand contacts, agreement and addendums and how to work the deal from contracting it to closing it with the Title Company. For more information about The Digital Flipping Method, Flip the MLS visit:

What are the most common types of real estate investing?...


Some of the most common types of real estate investments are: Fix-n-flips, rentals, rehabs, wholesales and buy & holds. A lot of real estate investors will focus on on style of investing, but that's not to say that they don't do a little of everything. If you're a large investment firm it's more lucrative to have several divisions because they can all work together for the same overall goal. Take the Ligon Group for example. The Ligon Brothers have a division for almost every type of real estate investing. They have a wholesale division called Ligon Wholesale, they have a home buying division called Ligon Cash Buyers, they also have a Coaching division and online training center for real estate investors called Ligon U as well as a fully licensed brokerage firm. They do it all. When done property each division compliments the other and forms a huge well oiled investment machine. To learn more about investment techniques and strategies contact us today


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