LigonU is a Digital Training Center for Real Estate Investing


LigonU provides Expert Coaching through a collection of Programs & Courses for Real Estate Investing Developed by The Ligon Brothers. Their unique curriculum is the most extensive Investment training material on the web today. With over a decade of real-world Real Estate Investment experience, Mike & David Ligon provide dynamic Real Estate training tools and online video courses for any level Investor.


LigonU has a collection of Apex Training Programs and Materials for Real Estate Investor Training. 


Enroll in one of our Real Estate Courses and begin your journey towards Financial Freedom. Don't procrastinate, make an Investment in your future today!


Implement the Knowledge that you'll learned from our course material into your business, your life and your everyday interactions. Use those tactics daily and become an Expert.


Advance your business with everything you've learned. Watch as your profits skyrocket with every new tactic and every new piece of information. Knowledge is Power!

LigonU - Investor Trainging Programs

Learn How to Invest in Real Estate from Anywhere at Anytime


lLigonU was created by the Ligon Brothers originally as a way to train their in-house staff members. The site was first developed with the purpose of training their employees and new staff members in the art of Real Estate Investing. The material was so detailed and robust that several employees asked to continue the training on their downtime to help them gain knowledge in Real Estate Investing practices and procedures. Several employees went on to begin doing deals on their own with as a side hustle, that quickly turned into a full time job working for themselves. Once The Ligon Brothers realized how well the material was created they decided to open it up to the public.

They began workshops and 1on1 training seminars with the focus on fine tuning the Course material to be placed on a fully digital platform. They then took all of there students from their seminars and Investment association meeting and upgraded them to the 1st version of what is now Ligon U.

LigonU is one of the only fully digital online distance learning centers for Real Estate Professionals and Investors. There are a few other "gurus" in the Investment world that attempt to teach people how to invest, but nothing can match the proven programs and course material that the Ligon Brothers have created for the Real Estate community. No matter what level investor you are, LigonU has a program or course to help you succeed.

LigonU has several popular courses for Real Estate Investors. Here are two of their flagship courses per experience level.

If you have absolutely no experience in Investing and you have no capital to use to buy investment properties we recommend this course:

If you have some experience with Investing and you need a new & better way to acquire profitable Investment properties. We recommed this course:

If you are looking for material on how to make money in Real Estate, look no further. Simply visit and enroll in one of there superior Training programs and you  will be on your way to Financial Freedom in no time.

For additional questions about Course work or Training Materials please contact our office.

Always Remember.....​

Your Future is Created by What You do Today, Not Tomorrow!

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Learn to Invest in Real Estate


The Ligon Brothers created an online Real Estate Investment Training Center to allow everyone an opportunity to change their lives and find financial freedom through Real Estate Investing.

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Sell Your House Fast


Ligon Investment Group, buy houses in the following areas; All of Florida, West Tennessee (Shelby County) North Mississippi (Desoto County) and Parts of Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth Areas)

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Find a Great Discounted Property


The Ligon Group has an endless inventory of cheap, discounted wholesale properties ready to be purchased. With hundreds of real estate acquisitions each year, there's always great properties to choose from.

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LYNK Wholesaling System...


The Real Estate Connector Method a unique method to Invest in Real Estate with nothing but a Laptop, Cell Phone and Internet connection.

The Ligon Brothers, Cash Investors

Blank Check Buying Program..

The Ligon Brothers have changed the way homeowners and sellers sell their houses.. The Blank Check Buying Program puts You in control. .We Pay What You Want!

Ligon Brothers, Real Estate Dudes

The Ligon Brothers...


The Secret to how two normal everyday brothers, became Real Estate Moguls. Find out how you can join their digital learning center.



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