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The Real Estate Connector Method

The Only Way to Wholesale with Zero Money in the Transaction.

All You Need is a Laptop and a Cell Phone, make Money Virtually from Anywhere!

LYNK Wholesaling Book - Ligon Brothers
Get the #1 Virtual Wholesaling Book for Real Estate Investors

LYNK Wholesaling is for Everyone!

No Experience & No Money Needed to start making Real Money in Real Estate from Anywhere, Virtually.

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For Less Than The Cost of a Pizza, You Can Learn How To Make Money In Real Estate.

It's a No Brainer Deal, Get it While its Still Available!

We've Created a New Secret Weapon for Making Money Virtually!

This system has the ability to change your life, from the comfort of your own home!

When You Get This Amazing Book... Here Are A Few Of The Awesome Thing You'll Discover...

Awesomeness #1: You can use this system from anywhere. Yes, even on the coach in your underwear 😊

Awesomeness #2: You don't need any prior experience. Don't be worried if you have zero knowledge in real estate. It doesn't matter, even if you've never thought about becoming an investor. Follow the money, real estate is a proven way to build wealth, we'll show you how.

Awesomeness #3: You don't need any money to do deals! How is that possible? We will show you how to "LYNK" yourself to a deal and make a profit for your involvement, not from spending money. You do not need to put money into the deals to use the LYNK System.

Awesomeness #4: You can stop worrying about failing. You will not fail with this system. It's a proven system that we've shown countless people, and we still use in our multi-million dollar business to this day.

Awesomeness #5: You have no liability in the deal! This means you can't even screw something up 👍 You may be thinking, but I have no idea what I'm doing, what if I do something stupid. You can't. You are only LYNK'ing the deal, you're not handling the transaction. You can't screw up.

Awesomeness #6: You learn while you earn. When you start LYNK'ing deals you get to see the entire real estate transaction and you get to learn how to flip houses for free. As a LYNKer you get a cut of the profits from a deal but you also get to see how the whole process works. It's free education. 

Awesomeness #7: You are your own Boss. You can LYNK deals at your own pace in your own time. As a LYNKer you work on your terms. Use the money you make to fuel your passion, or go full speed and build a real estate empire. It's up to you!

Awesomeness #8: You can use LYNK as a stepping stone to do bigger deals. Many people start out LYNKing deals and go on to Fix-N-Flips. Once you start making money you can use your new LYNK experience to find more deals and do some rehabbing of your own!

Awesomeness #9: You can transition out of your crappy 9 to 5 job. This is a big deal. There aren't many thing a person can do on their own time to make enough money to transition out of there normal job. Let's face it, once a person enters the workforce, many people get stuck in whatever job they're in. This is your ticket to freedom!

Awesomeness #10: The Sky's the limit. You don't know what you don't know, but once you have new knowledge it opens up new doors and opportunities. LYNKing deals is just the beginning of your new life! Don't procrastinate, Get started Now!

There's are just so many Awesome things about this System that we should write a book...

Wait, We Did! Get it Now! It's going to be Life Changing.

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