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Direct Mail Marketing Guide

Finally a crystal clear formula for bulk mailers. Follow this step by step guide for your next direct mail campaign, it's sure to get results....

The Ligon Brothers and Direct Mailers
Direct Mail Marketing Guide

We've done it all! In the Real Estate Investment business, Investors are always looking for motivated Sellers. Finding Motivated Sellers can be difficult. There are several proven way to reach these Sellers, and Direct Mailers is a Old Classic. Tried and True.

Direct Mailers are an excellent way to contact motivated sellers. Letters, Postcards and Flyers, You gotta try them all!

So what is the best type of direct mailers.

The Truth is, they all work.

Let's review each type of Mailer and how they are used.


This classic method is one of the oldest marketing practices. It's used for numerous types of marketing and sales and real estate investing is no different. The typical way to send direct letters is on an 8 1/2in x 11in letter size paper. For the best results you should always hand write your letters and also hand write the envelope.


Post Cards are another way to send mailers. Writing simple post cards to motivated sellers with information about your services can work out great. In our experience, post cards work well for Short Sales, Probates and Pre-foreclosures, but feel free to try them on any and all types of marketing.

Yellow Envelopes

Another good direct mail idea is to place your letters in a large yellow envelope. Everyone opens large yellow envelopes. Think about it, wouldn't you be curious about what's inside?


Flyers are simple and effective. With a flyer, there's nothing to open so your message is seen immediately. We recommend that you use double sided flyers, color if possible. These can be mailed, placed door to door or placed as an insert in the weekly news paper.

Presentation Folders

If you have the marketing budget, you may want to go a step further and send out a presentation folder of your services or offer. Be sure to enclose business cards, and maybe even make them magnetic.


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