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Here are 5 simple marketing ideas for Real Estate Agents:

Snail Mail Marketing Ideas...

The Ligon Brothers in the Studio

As an Agent you probably have a particular area that you cover. Your goal should be to saturate that area any way you can. Letters, Postcards, Flyers, these are work really well. Here are a few tips for a snail mail campaign.

1) – Always use a photo of your face. You are the product; people need to recognize you when they see you.

2) – Use a tagline. Your face plus a tag line will indoctrinate people to think of your tagline when they see you and think of your face when they hear your tagline. (ie: “Mia Sells Miami”, “Houston’s Premier Real Estate Pro”, “Luxury Real Estate: Redefined”, “A Smart Move” , “Love Where You Live”… etc..

3) – Get Creative with your mailers. Try sending out mailers that YOU would open. Things like shiny padded aluminum envelopes and envelopes written in crayon. These types of letters are intriguing. The goal is to get your mail opened, yes 90% will be thrown out, but if they open it and see your face then your marketing worked.

4) – Send out mailers with a call to action. Don’t just write letters about what you do or your services, give your potential clients a call to action. Send them to a webpage or a video you’ve made. Write a silly riddle and have them text of message you the answer for a free home evaluation. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do something, people like to engage in things.

5) – Give away some goodies. If you have the budget, place something in the mailers. Make sure it’s something that nobody would throw away, like a pen of a pad with your info. I also like using odd shaped items that make the envelope feel strange, so people’s curiosity force them to find out what it is. Things like a potato chip bag holder

What are some of creative ideas you use in your marketing?


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