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Sell Your Bartlett, TN House Fast

We Buy Houses in and Around Bartlett, TN.

Selling your home doesn't have to be a complicated process. It can be stress free and super simple. The Ligon Brothers (Michael & David Ligon) pictured here are real estate investors and local cash home buyers.

These two brothers have been buying houses and helping homeowners for over twenty years. They understand that selling your house fast is already a stressful situation, so they ensure that when you contact the Ligon Cash Home Buyers that they handle everything.

You don't have to worry about anything at all. you're in good hands with the Ligon Brothers.

Get a Fast Free Cash Offer To Sell Your House

The first thing you need to do is get a Fast, Free Cash Offer. Simply Click Here or push the button on the page that says "Get Your Cash Offer Now".

Once you select the cash offer button, you'll see a Free Cash Offer form. It's a Super easy form that only asks a few simple questions so we can review the property and work-up an awesome cash offer for you to sell your house.

And don't worry, all of your information is safe with us. We never share for store anything. We only use it for the offer and that's it.

Happy Home Owners, Who Sold Their Houses

Michael & David Ligon, Local Cash Home Buyers

Here are a few happy homeowners that sold their houses to the Ligon Brothers. Look at what great things they have to say about their experience.

Had to Sell My House Fast to Relocate.


"I needed to sell my house fast to be able to take a position at a new job. It was an excellent opportunity for me and my family and I wasn't about to miss out on it. The problem was, not only did I have to move I needed money to move. So I'm so glad I found these two brothers Mike & Dave. They bought my house for cash and closed on it that week. I mean I had cash in my hand within eight days. Thanks you both. I highly recommend Ligon Cash Buyers."

Kevin G. 

My Parents Left Me Their House.


"My Wife's father passed away and left her the family house. It hadn't been updated in thirty or so years so it was in pretty rough shape. We decided to sell it and try and recoup some of the funeral expenses, but when we contacted a local real estate agent she told us that we would have to fix it up before we could put it on the market. Well that goes against the whole idea of saving money and trying to crawl out of the money pit we were in. So I called a few of those "We Buy Houses" companies and got the run around. To be honest I just didn't trust them. Then my co-worker told me about Ligon boys and how they bought her uncles house and even found him a condo, so I gave them a call. It was a great decision. I spoke with Mike and all I had to do was give him the address and bam, within about ten minutes he told me what he could do and said just sit back and we'll handle it all. Thats exactly what happed. I signed an agreement and about twelve days later I got a wire from the Title Company with my funds. Very easy process and it was a pleasure dealing with Mike and his team."

Donny W.

Our House Needed to Many Repairs.


"I just wanted a fast cash sale on my house. it had too many repairs that I'm jus to darn old to do, lol. It was time for a change. So I went on the internets and was looking around for one of those cash house companies or ugly house buyers and I found this one. I called them up and gave them my address and they gave my an offer to sell that day. Very easy, no hassle, stress free. just like I like it. If you need to sell you house fast or you're in a pinch for a quick cash sale, i say give the Ligon Brothers a call. They'll definitely help you out. "

George S. 

Where Do We Buy Houses?

The Ligon Brothers specializer in buying houses for cash and they purchase homes all over Memphis, and Bartlett Tennessee. 

What's The Process to Sell My House Fast?

The process for selling your Bartlett house to the Ligon Brothers is super easy, we handle it All.

It's a simple 3 part process.

1 - Contact Our Offer or Click the "Get Your Cash Offer Now Button".


The first step to selling your home is to contact our office or select the button that says get your cash offer now. We will need a little information about the property in order to give you the best price possible. Once we have some information we will review your property details and use our special remote research analysis tool to provide you with an all Cash Offer.

2 - Review the Offer We Give You.


After we have a chance to review your property we will provide you with an easy to understand Cash offer. We provide REAL cash offers on an Official State Sales Purchase Agreement. We mean business, so when you get an offer from us we are ready to commit. Simply look it over and if you have any questions or need help understanding anything just let us know.

3 - Agree to the Offer and GET PAID.


Once you agree to the offer we will being the buying process. Don't worry you don't have to do anything. We will contact the Title Company and Closing Agents to ensure that you are in the loop the entire time. We'll keep you up to date with everything that's happening throughout the whole process. All of our closings are preformed at an Attorney Based Title Company that works on behalf of ALL parties, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands and everything is safe, secure and legal. Once the paperwork is done, we close and You GET PAID.

That's it, it's really that Easy. Selling your house to the Ligon Brothers is Super Duper Easy Peasy!

All You Have to Do Now is Get Started!

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