Wholesaling Real Estate for Beginners, All You Need is a Laptop & a Cell Phone.


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"The Best Wholesaling Real Estate Method in the Industry"
Wholesaling Real Estate can be a complicated and costly endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. Anyone with a cell phone and a laptop can begin their career as a Wholesaling Real Estate Investor. Using the Real Estate Connector Method you can wholesale real estate from the privacy of your own home, in very little time with zero experience and best of all you can start for free.

How can you starting investing in real estate for free? With this unique wholesaling method; you'll learn while you earn. The Ligon Brothers' Real Estate Connector Method will show you how to plug in to existing profitable framework and begin making money almost immediately without any need for marketing dollars or typical wholesaling tactics.

If you've ever wanted a career as a real estate wholesaler, this is the book for you. Most new investors start their careers with traditional style wholesaling. Some of the typical tactics are, bandit signs, direct mailers and internet marketing. All of which can cost a lot of money. With the Real Estate Connector Method, we bypass all those outdated tactics and use a brand new system to find and sell deals almost instantly. There's no other system like it in the industry.

Just look at what our clients have to say:
"I started using the Real Estate Connector Method and I did my first deal in 2 weeks - Sam T"
"This is the best way to start wholesaling real estate, I wish I would have done this sooner" - CM"
"I've did my first deal ever, and I'm so excited! I'm so glad that I tried this. It really works - Tony"
........and many, many more!

Here's exactly what you can expect to get out of reading this book
Once you read this book you'll know exactly how to flip your first real estate deal. The Real Estate Connector Method is a unique method developed by the Ligon Brothers as an accelerated system to becoming a real estate investor. You'll learn how a wholesale transaction works from start to finish, you'll also learn how to build a network of real estate professionals that will evolve into a money machine for your investment business. There are how to descriptions as well as call scripts and text templates so you can sound like a seasoned professional while you learn the business.

This is an A to Z quick start guide for any level Real Estate Investor. It Works.

Exclusive Bonus:
All readers will receive our special Buyer Building Tactics guide. In this book we've added our guide to building a Massive buyers list and we've even provided some call scripts and text templates you can use to build your cash buyers list.

Why you should listen to the Ligon Brothers and start taking Action Today.

Michael & David Ligon collectively known as the Ligon Brothers are Real Estate Investors, Consultants and Wealth Creation Specialists. They created the MLS Digital Flipping Method and LYNK Wholesaling System, each being a unique Real Estate Investing method. Their experience as entrepreneurs and real estate investors allowed them to build one of South Florida largest real estate investment firms.

Now they use their knowledge to educate others in building financial freedom through real estate with their unique methods and tactics. They even offer training courses and virtual distance learning for real estate investing on the industries only online training center Ligon U. The Ligon Brothers have flipped well over 1,500 real estate deals and their extensive experience in Real Estate and house flipping has made them the go to guys for consulting on a variety of home improvement and house remodeling television series and documentaries.

Their success speaks for itself and now they want to show you how to cut through all the noise and build your own real estate empire.


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The Ligon Brothers created an online Real Estate Investment Training Center to allow everyone an opportunity to change their lives and find financial freedom through Real Estate Investing.

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The Ligon Group has an endless inventory of cheap, discounted wholesale properties ready to be purchased. With hundreds of real estate acquisitions each year, there's always great properties to choose from.

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The Real Estate Connector Method a unique method to Invest in Real Estate with nothing but a Laptop, Cell Phone and Internet connection.

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Real Estate Gurus, find a unique way to invest in real estate without any money or credit. Find out how you can begin your career as a real estate investing with no money, credit or experience.

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The Secret to how two normal everyday brothers, became Real Estate Moguls. Find out how you can join their digital learning center.



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