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How Does The Wholesaling Process Work as a Cash Buyer?

You're a Cash Buyer Interested in Cheap, Deeply Discounted Properties, but You've Never Dealt with a Wholesaler Before. We Have the Answers to All Your Questions.

How does Wholesaling Work as a Cash Buyer


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If you're a Real Estate Investor and Cash Home Buyer you need deals. There's nothing better then a good deeply discounted property for your real estate investment portfolio. No matter what type of Investor you are (Fix-n-Fliper, Buy & Holder, Rehabber, etc...) you Need Inventory! One great place to find Investor style inventory is through Real Estate Wholesalers. If you've never dealt with a Wholesaler before and you have questions about the process, check out this How-to informational guide on how to buy Wholesale Properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by Cash Buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Is The Property "Pending" or "Contingent" Online?

Because the property is under contract to be purchased by us or our affiliates. The Ligon Group has a Massive home buying department that ensures we have consistent deals. We purchase hundreds of properties each year. We wholesale a portion of our inventory before we close as part of our business model. 

Is This Your Direct Deal?

We only send out Authorized and Verified Deal Direct™ properties.  This means that the deal originated in our office, through our affiliates or our partners. There are Never any daisy chain deals. The Ligon Group handles the entire process and you will only deal with our firm.

Can I Get a Discount on the Price?

The short answer is probably not. If you see a property on our list, it's already been negotiated with the deepest discount we could get. There is not a lot of spread on these deals, so the price we put it out at has very little negotiation room. We are experienced experts at getting great discounted properties and our inventory goes super fast. Our wholesaler deals are not like listed properties that sit on the market for weeks and months. We sell most of our deals super quick, so act fast.

How do you Have so Many Properties?

The Ligon Group is one of the largest Investments Firms in the South East United States. In order for us to fill our need for investment properties we developed a massive deal engine. This means we have an endless stream of inventory coming into our offices everyday. The properties that we don't buy we remarket as wholesale deals. In addition to our deals, we also have hundreds of students that provide us with even more Wholesale deals, so if you're looking for a one stop shop, look no further. We have ALL the Wholesale deals you'll ever need.

Can I have an Time to Inspect the Property?

All inspections must be performed prior to contacting. This means you must do whatever inspections you want to do before you make your offer. Wholesale properties are handled differently than conventional home sales. All offers must be provided with a Zero day inspection. 

How do I make an Offer?

Our Wholesale properties go fast, so when you are ready to make an offer contact us ASAP. You must be 100% committed and ready to go in order to supply an offer. Our properties are in high demand and we honor a first come first serve sales protocol. Even if you provide us with a higher offer then the one we have, we will honor the first accepted offer we receive.  

Can I Contact You About Properties That Are “NOT” on Your Lists?

A: Yes. We get asked this a lot from Buyers that prefer to deal with our Firm, because of our experience and trustworthy business practices.  If you see a property that you are interested in anywhere, you can contact the Ligon Group to handle the deal for you. This will allows you to Contact ONE Company for All your Wholesaling needs. We command a staggering 86% involvement in the Wholesale Market share for the Southeast United States with the highest volume being in Florida. There's a good chance that even if we don't have it on our list it’s a property in our Deal Direct™ System, so we're happy to broker the deal for you. This allows you to deal with “One” Company for All your Wholesaling Needs.

What is Wholesaling?

What is Wholesaling?

Simply put; Real Estate Wholesaling is the process of Flipping contractual interest in an Investment property to an End Buyer. Here's how to process works. A Wholesaler will find a property and negotiate a deeply discounted purchase price with the Seller. and provides and offer. When the Seller agrees with the offer they sign a purchase agreement for the Wholesaler to buy the property. Since the Wholesaler now has an executed Purchase and Sales agreement they can sell or "assign" that agreement to another Investor. The Investor that closes on the Deal is known as the "Cash Buyer" or "End Buyer". Here is an example of a Wholesale Transaction:

The Wholesaler negotiates a deep discount with the Seller and gets a property under contract for the purchase price of $100,000.

The Wholesaler then remarkets the property for $105,000 (still deeply discounted) and looks for an End Buyer.

The End Buyer sees the discounted property and agrees to purchase it at $105,000. 

The Wholesaler then assigns the $100,000 contract to the End buyer making a $5,000 profit for brokering the deal.

Note: This is one simple example of a Wholesale assignment. There are other various ways to conduct a Wholesale transaction, double closings, joint vantures, etc...

Getting Started, Buying Wholesale Houses

Getting Started

The first this you have to do as a Cash Buyer is find a Wholesaler. There is no shortage of wanna-be Investors out there, so do your research and make sure you find a reputable Investing firm that's experienced in the Wholesaling process. A firm like the Ligon Group. Although the Ligon Group is not a Wholesaler Company, we have a full Wholesaling Division that can provide you with Awesome Deeply discounted properties as well as any other Real Estate Investing Service you may need. Once you find an experienced Wholesaler/Wholesale Company Join Their Cash Buyers List. By Joining a Cash Buyers list, you'll be on an email list of Cash Buyers which will allow you to receive properties directly into your inbox.

Finding the Right Wholesale Property

Finding the Right Wholesale Property

To find a good Wholesale property you need to be FAST. The key to getting the best deals is Speed. Wholesale properties have already been negotiated to provide the best possible price, so when our properties hit the market they go fast. The Ligon Group sends out fresh new Wholesale properties daily. To find the best property for you, just make sure you review our emails on a daily basis. 

Scheduling a Showing / Access 

Scheduling a Showing / Access 

If you see a property that you are interested in call or text us and we'll arrange a showing for you. Please be aware that many of our wholesale deals are sold sight-unseen. This means that a Cash Buyer will contact us and provide us a Solid 100% committed Cash offer based one their own research even if they've never been provided access to the property. Many of our buyers will see the interior of the property for the first time After they've already closed and funded the purchase. This is why we stress "speed", if you see something you want act fast and if you need access let us know asap, because we honor a first come first service business model.

Making an Offer on a Wholesale Property

Making an Offer on a Wholesale Property

Making an offer is super simple. Once you're 100% committed to purchasing a deal just contact our office and we'll get the ball rolling. There are a few key things to keep in mind.

You Must be 100% committed and ready to buy the property when you submit an offer. We honor a first come, first serve business model, so if you say your go-to-go and we agree to the price then you get it. Even if we get a higher offer, we still honor our agreement with you. 

Our property sell sight-unseen more often then not. As I'm sure you know it's tough to find a cheap discounted deal in this real estate market. Our Wholesale deals sell super fast and a lot of the time they'll sell immediately with a 100% committed solid offer without ever scheduling a showing. So be aware that you have to act fast on properties that you like.

Buying and Closing on the Wholesale Deal.

Buying and Closing on the Wholesale Deal.

Once you find the property you want and supply us with a Solid offer to purchase, we'll send you the purchase sales agreement to lock up the deal. For your convenience we send out the agreements in a digital format that you can simple click to sign online via DociSign. Once we have the executed agreement the paperwork is sent over the Title Company to prepare all the docs for the closing. The Ligon Group provides a super easy, stress free process. Our Firm has been buying and selling properties for over 16 years. You're in good hands.

Image Example of How Our Wholesale Deals Look In Your Inbox:

Here is an example of how our Wholesale Inventory looks when it's delivered into your email inbox.

We provide a simple format with all the pertinent information. 

Image of the property (when applicable)

Property Details

Property Description

Additional Information (when applicable)

Additional Photos (when applicable)

Asking Price

Showing / Access Contact Details

Quick condensed and easy to understand.

Have more Questions? No Problem Contact us Below:

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